Logbook Servicing

Whenever you purchase a new vehicle, the manufacturer provides you with a warranty that covers the cost of mechanical parts failure. To keep this warranty valid, you must have your vehicle serviced regularly by a certified mechanic, and record these servicings in your vehicle’s logbook.​

Here at Australind Automatics we can provide logbook services for all petrol and diesel passenger vehicles.

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Whenever you’re thinking about buying a second-hand vehicle, we would recommend taking it to a mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection. Thorough pre-purchase inspections make sure that you know exactly what you’re buying, and save you from nasty surprises. They can also give you some negotiating power in the bargaining process.​

Australind Automatics’ skilled mechanics would be happy to perform a pre-purchase inspection on any vehicle you’re thinking of purchasing.​

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Due to the stop-start nature of urban driving, your brakes endure a surprising amount of wear on your daily drive. Your brakes are the most important safety feature your vehicle has, as they are preventative, whereas other safety systems mitigate the severity of an accident, well-maintained brakes can be the difference between an accident and an emergency stop.​

Here at Australind Automatics we can provide your vehicle with a comprehensive brake service and replace components (discs, pads, drums and so on) that are too worn.​

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Steering and Suspension

Faults in your steering and suspension can drastically affect handling and comfort, causing body lean around corners and play in the steering wheel. Your suspension is also responsible for maximising the traction that your tyres exert on the road, so flaws can increase your stopping distance.

Australind Automatics can provide the following suspension and steering services:

  • Shock absorbers, coil and leaf springs and struts
  • Bushing replacement
  • Power steering repairs or replacement
  • Lift kits and other 4WD upgrades
  • Air spring suspensions

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Clutches and Transmissions

Responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels, the drivetrain is comprised of some of the most complex and intricate pieces of machinery in a vehicle. Due to their sophisticated nature, any minor flaws can quickly escalate into costly and damaging repairs.​

If you hear clicking noises when turning, have trouble changing gear or hear a grinding noise when you do, or notice a burning smell coming from under the bonnet, you may have problems with your vehicle’s drivetrain.​

Australind Automatics is a drivetrain and transmission specialist workshop, so we can help you with any problems you may be having with your drivetrain, including:

  • Clutch repairs
  • Automatic and manual transmission service and repairs
  • Differential repairs
  • CV joints repairs
  • Universal joints repairs
  • And anything else!
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Faults and flaws in your cooling system will not only reduce your fuel efficiency, but also engine lifespan as leaking coolant damages the gasket head and overheating damages the pistons and cylinders. Ultimately, if the cooling system is not seen to eventually, it will cook your engine and render your vehicle undriveable. At that point it’s usually cheaper to buy a new second-hand car than try and get it fixed.
Australind Automatics can provide the following cooling system services:

  • Radiator/heater unit repairs and replacements
  • Head gasket replacement
  • Coolant flush and leak check
  • Thermostat check and replace

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Other Services

We offer a wide range of services here at Australind Automatics, including, but not limited to:

  • Light truck repairs
  • Garbage truck repairs
  • Motorhome repairs
  • Trailer repairs
  • Exhaust repairs and replacements
  • Exhaust upgrades and modifications

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